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Poldhu and Kynance Cove from the air.

I wanted to share with you a photograph of Trewoon recently taken from a drone, it shows the glorious setting we enjoy.


Trewoon Poldhu Cove Mullion The Lizard Cornwall luxury seaside holiday cottages
The staff at Cornish Cottages have been busy with the drone and this video filmed from the air of the beautiful Kynance Cove is well worth a look. It is a a view that few would have seen before -







The Sunday Times - Travel Section

What a long and glorious summer we have had at Poldhu Cove this year and as I type Ray is busy watering the garden as it is still sunny and dry at the end of September.


We wanted to share with you some exciting news which we only found out about  a few days ago in casual conversation - we were featured in the September 21st edition of The Sunday Times under the heading "Next Summer Now - when a holiday sells out every year, you know it's brilliant" -  not even our letting agency knew about the article.


"There are two types of holidays: the ones that everyone wants to go on and the ones that are left when they've been nabbed. August 2015 may seem a long way off but if you want to guarantee your place on the summer trips that sell out year after year you need to stump up that deposit and act asap ............."


The article then goes on to list several UK and Med cottages and villas with By The Seashore being the fourth one mentioned plus one of the featured photographs.


"By The Seashore, Mullion Cornwall - Day-trippers to Poldhu Cove will gaze up the hill to the cottage half-hidden in the trees and wonder what kind of family lives in a house like that. try not to be too self-satisfied as you saunter across the lawns and through your own gate to the beach. There's some irritating wall art inside but you can live with it."      Is the wall art irritating ? - oh dear !!



The article came a little too late for By The Seashore and The Chocolate Box as the summer weeks have all been booked out now for several weeks but there are two weeks available on Rest-a-Shore.


Rest-a-shore by John Hocking on 20/06/2014

Guests visiting Rest-a-Shore this season after the refurbishments have been delighted with the changes and only week commencing December 5th remains available for 2014 on this cottage.


Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

Due to the demand for all three cottages the agency are now taking reservations via the telephone and email for not only 2016 but 2017 too even though those years are not shown on the website.


Ray and I would like to thank all our patrons for their continued support of Trewoon.


Poldark comes to Dollar Cove

We are having a glorious summer at Poldhu Cove with temperatures hitting 31'c in our garden and Ray has been very busy watering.


Rest-a-shore by John Hocking on 20/06/2014


The new Rest-a-Shore has been a big hit and if you are looking to visit next year there are only a few summer weeks remaining and I understand from the agents that 2016 is filling up quickly with telephone reservations.

The cottage has now been videoed by Cornish Cottages and can be viewed via this link. ENJOY !!!


There has been much excitement last week with Dollar Cove being transformed back to the late 18th century for the remake of the popular Poldark series.



Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark was spotted.

Camper vans and a marque for the film crew were set up in the National Trust overflow car park for Church Cove and a huge amount of action went on with filming continuing throughout the night.

I am looking forward to seeing the new series.


Kindest regards from all at Trewoon.



Rest-a-Shore is Finished (well almost)

I am so excited that the interior of Rest-a-Shore is finished with the exterior due to be finished by the end of next week.

What a transformation.


Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

The views through the glass frontage are breathtaking.

Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

The sofa and chairs are temporary whilst we await delivery from Laura Ashley of a gorgeous two seater sofa and two armchairs. I am also waiting on delivery of some accessories to finish off the interior design.I have been playing around with cushions so please excuse the tags.


Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

Through the doorway is a utility area that houses the central heating boiler, washing machine and tumble dryer. It is also a handy place for storing the hoover, ironing board and for hanging coats and storing walking boots.

Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

The kitchen window has been widened across the length of the back wall. The light pours through.

Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

The window in the front bedroom has also been widened enhancing the views from the bed.

Rest-a-Shore Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall Luxury holiday cottage with sea views by Nicola Parkman on 16/01/2014

The refurbishment has included replacing the furniture throughout with solid oak.

I am going to release to the public weeks commencing 31st January and 7th February on Monday but before I do I want to give the Friends of Trewoon the first opportunity to visit the new Rest-a-Shore. If you would like to have one of these weeks please telephone Cornish Cottages.



Ahead of schedule !!!!!



Installation by Nicola Parkman on 09/12/2013


Work has been motoring along on Rest-a-Shore due to kind weather and a hardworking team. The french doors were installed yesterday - yes they are working on Sundays !!! The light is pouring into the cottage and the view is AMAZING. So that you can appreciate the scale they are wider than By The Seashore by nearly half a metre.

I am so pleased we made the decision to make the living, dining and kitchen area open plan. I was surprised by how much floor space has been created by removing the hall, living room and kitchen internal walls. The new larger kitchen window which runs across the whole width of the kitchen is very attractive and lets much more light into rear of the cottage. The front bedroom window has also been widened.

You will be able to enjoy the view of the cove and valley even whilst preparing food at the kitchen island.

The new oak furniture arrives on Thursday together with the black double range cooker, retro fridge freezer, stainless steel hood, washing machine amd tumble drier. The oak and black granite kitchen is already here as are the reproduction cast iron radiators.

We are recreating the look of  By The Seashore. I am very grateful for the internet which has made ordering from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley so much easier. We are keeping the delivery men very busy as practically every accessory is being replaced too.

The stainless steel balustrading is being fitted next week to the extended patio which will run across the front of the cottage.

If all goes well and the good weather continues we should be finished before the end of January. I have already released the March weeks on Cornish Cottages website and expect to be able to release the February weeks too. If you are interested in reserving a February week before they are released email me and I will let Cornish Cottages know to contact you.

Warm wishes from Nicola, Ray, Poppy and Blue 








Cliff Rescue

You never, ever know what you are going to see next at Poldhu.


I was out walking today when we came across a rescue in progress. A dog had gone over the cliff just by The Poldhu Nursing Home.


Cliff Rescue by Nicola Parkman on 07/08/2013 


The dog was called "Chaos" !!! Luckily his fall had been broken by a ledge half way down and it was known that he was bleeding but able to move.


Cliff Rescue by Nicola Parkman on 07/08/2013

The Coastguard had great difficulty getting him into the sling to bring him up. They tried getting his owners to call him via the walkie talkies and eventually the owner was put into a harness and taken to the edge of the cliff. That too failed so they had to send down more men.


It was quite an operation and there was quite a bit of equipment needed. The ropes were secured back in the "Marconi" field.


Cliff Rescue by Nicola Parkman on 07/08/2013

Blue and Poppy were busy watching the action and even a cow wanted a better look!!

Cliff Rescue by Nicola Parkman on 07/08/2013

The coastguard are very brave and are to be commended.

Trewoo by Nicola Parkman on 07/08/2013


I will leave you with a photo of dear Trewoon from a different angle. It gives a good view of the golf course - the golfers were out in force today as it was perfect playing conditions.



Summertime (and the living is easy)



Well Frank Sinatra may have found the living is easy in Summertime but Ray has been kept busy watering in this hot summer we are having at the Cove. Poppy has been helping him too.


Sitting in the shade by Nicola Parkman on 02/08/2013

Blue is spending lots of time in the pond cooling down.

Blue by Nicola Parkman on 02/08/2013

The beach is busy and much fun is being had. Even I have ventured into the sea this year !!!

Lifes a beach by Nicola Parkman on 02/08/2013


"By the Seashore" is proving to be hugely popular with much of next year already booked. There is a new video available at The first paart is the same as the video of The Chocolate Box as it shows the gardens but from 1.07 muinutes in it's all the new cottage. Hope you enjoy.


Warm wishes from all at Trewoon.


Wi-Fi and Badgers

Just a very short newsletter to let everyone know that wi-fi is now up and running in The Chocolate Box, hopefully the super fast hghway will be with us by the end of the year (or so BT keep telling us) which will improve the download speeds.



Hop-a-Long by Nicola Parkman on 17/06/2013


Hop-a-Long continues to do well and in addition to nightly visits to The Chocolate Box now routinely visits the main house and By The Seashore.

The garden is a hive of activity and the birds are going through pounds of seed as they flit back and forth feeding their young. The volume of birdsong fills the air from first light to sunset. 

Until next time ........


The Trewoon Collection - sharing the spirit of the sea

Guest written by Phil Pook of


Hello, I just wanted to say......


Jeanette & I are thrilled to be returning to our favourite coastal photography location again this June. Capturing the changing light and mood along the Cornish coastline has given us so much pleasure over the years, we just can't wait for this next visit. When Nicola blogged news of the new beautiful interiors of "By the Seashore" I was inspired to finish a new collection of images taken while staying at Trewoon. We then decided to publish this collection in a book, ebook and screen saver set, so that we could share it with people who have different devices. The images images in the book and print gallery are a selection of our favourites taken from several trips, I hope you enjoy viewing them and reading the article in the book. 


To Celebrate the books release we would love to share it with all of Nicola's readers free through it's first week of publication. You will find links for the eBook for Apple & ipad, PDF for Android & PC and a free screensaver at . Some of you may know that I have written an art photography learning tool for children which I present along with some free Workshops to 10 - 11 yr olds, I find working with the potential of children so rewarding, they really Buzz, they are an inspiration. If you would like to support our efforts in this please visit the website above and check out what we love and how we do it. We also have a facebook page at if you would like to help us raise awareness.

We so enjoy our photographic trips to Poldhu Cove. We find the light in the cove has such an inspiring mix of warm and cool tones & that it varies constantly in depth and vibrancy, giving endless changing moods to capture. The way the tide can sometimes rush and other times wander up the shallow shelf of the Cove offers an artist several locations in one. We have often sat up in The Chocolate Box Cottage watching the light roll in wondering whether to pick up the cameras and wonder down through the  gardens  to capture some aspect of the cove's wonderful light. This year we have added, new images to the collection, some black and white some colour and some from other locations we visited while staying at Poldhu Cove. Experimenting with lower light photography and longer exposures has widened our technique within seascape photography.


Poldhu Cove by Nicola Parkman on 24/05/2013

"Trewoon Twilight" one of my favourite prints was taken while working with Nicola in a short one to one workshop, I think the mood of the image grabs your attention it also, reminds me, of the rush back up the beach as we had decided to wait until after sunset, we needed to leave the beach before it became too dark. All great fun, creative with lungs filled with fresh coastal air & a camera full of images to work with. It is great to be able to share your love of creating images with others who appreciate the thrill of capturing something ethereal, it is a process that raises the spirits, it feeds the soul, while the uncertainty of what 
you really have in your camera only adds to mix. We also captured some great images like "Sea Tones" on a short workshop with John who was also a guest at Trewoon on our last visit, camera settings being our focus that evening. I really wanted to achieve an exposure that captures some of the movement of the tides front edge as it crept up the beach a step at a time while John wanted to practice with a much stronger stopping filter.


Poldhu Cove by Nicola Parkman on 24/05/2013


Great times that I could repeat over and over....thank you guys....What more can you ask as a photographer.


By The Seashore

It has been very busy at Trewoon the last few weeks and I am very pleased to announce that the internal building work on By The Seashore is FINISHED !!!


Master En Suite by Nicola Parkman on 19/04/2013


We still have about ten days work left on the exterior but I am 99% certain that the cottage will be avalable from the second week of May. I have released week commencing the 17th for booking and if all goes according to plan I will release week commencing the 10th later next week.


Twin Bedroom by Nicola Parkman on 19/04/2013


I am waiting on delivery of the sofa and armchair and an additional kitchen unit which should be here on May 8th.


Living Area by Nicola Parkman on 19/04/2013


I have posted lots of photographs on the website


Master Bedroom by Nicola Parkman on 19/04/2013


They were taken tonight but next week the professional photographs will be shot and published.


Badger Rescue

As some of you know for the last several weeks one of the badgers that visits The Chocolate Box has had a injured foot where it was unable to put it to the ground.


Badger Rescue 3 by Nicola Parkman on 03/04/2013

Badger Rescue Cornwall advised that badgers often cut their feet whilst digging and that we needed to give it some time to see if it would heal by itself. I have been in weekly contact with them with updates and it was agreed yesterday that they would come out to trap the badger.


Badger Rescue 2 by Nicola Parkman on 03/04/2013

As we have several badgers that visit this could be difficult as the wrong badger could go into the trap. We were also advised that if the leg was broken it would most probably have to be destroyed. Despite an offer to pay for the veterinary bills the badger would not be able to be returned to the wild after a period in captivity as the other badgers would attack it.

If the badger was a lactating female it would be returned to rear its young then recaptured and destroyed.

It was with much worry thay we watched the trap being set at 7.00 pm last night.


Badger Rescue 2 by Nicola Parkman on 03/04/2013

At 9.00pm the injured badger came to feed and after some sniffing went into the trap. The two person rescue team dashed out from their vehicle and before you knew it the badger has been transferred to a cage and covered with a blanket.

The badger was taken to the 24/7 veterinary hospital at Truro and we had the long wait to see what was the outcome.

It was with great relief that at around 11.00pm we had a telephone call to say that although the leg had been broken it had "callused" over and the badger was not in pain. It was a female in good condition and weighing in at a healthy  9kg (I am not surpirsed as we have been putting down extra food as she was injured). She had previously had cubs but she was not lactating at the moment. She would survive and was returned at midnight and released.

I do hope she comes back and has not been frightened off by last night.


Next week I hope to have some internal photographs of By The Seashore. The refurbishments are very nearly finished on the inside.


Ray has been busy preparing Hey Ho was his UK sea trip and I have been busy  ordering furniture for the new cottage. Last week I chose a comfy leather sofa, chair and footstool from Laura Ashely and some stylish oak diningroom chairs and table.

I am all shopped out now and think that I have ordered everything             needed. It is surprising how many bits and bobs are needed just for the   kitchen.

My own house has steadily been filling up with furniture and accessories and the delivery men have been kept very busy.


I hope you are all enjoying the new webcam. The weather has been chilly but we have had lots of wintery sunshine which has made for good walking weather.


Warm wishes form us all here.






Badgers, Wi Fi and Webcams

Badgers, Wi-fi and Webcams


The third newsletter this week !!!


So much has been happening at Trewoon, yesterday a new improved webcam went live.


Web Cam Poldhu Cove views from luxury seaside holiday cottages


From the still photo taken from the web cam this morning you can see how much better the picture quality is. We hope you enjoy.


In the next week or so we are having cables laid to all the cottages so that you can enjoy enhanced wi-fi in all three. The conference room will still be available for those who wish to use the facilities and now that the office has moved from Trewoon those facilities are available 24/7.


Badger Watch Poldhu Cove Luxury Seaside cottages


I have received a fantastic video of the badger affectionately known as J Edgar as he hoovers up the peanuts outside the french doors of The Chocolate Box. Thank you Phil and Jeanette for sharing.

Here is the link if you would like to watch, it is well worth it.

or you can find it at (under the video tab on )

J Edgar also visits us each night hence he is a very BIG badger. He and the other badgers will be feeding outside the French doors at By The Seashore so you will be able to badger watch from this cottage.



Have a wonderful weekend - Nicola, Ray, Poppy and Blue


A Change of Plan

Sometimes the best laid plans need to be changed and it has been decided that building work on Rest-a-Shore will now start the first week of November 2013 when we are quieter here at Trewoon. We hope that the refurbishment of Rest-a-Shore will be finsihed by the end of March 2014 with its new glass frontage, kitchen, utiity roon and new solid oak furniture throughout. It is going to be an amazing cottage with unrivalled views.


This means that we are able to take bookings for By The Seashore NOW for this summer season. We have opened up the weeks from and including Whitson although we are expecting the cottage to be finished by the end of March so with a bit of luck the whole of April and May will also be available. 


If you would like to try By The Seashore and  transfer an existing booking email me and I will liaise with the agency.





By The Seashore

Work has been progressing well on By The Seashore and I thought that it was time for an update.


By The Seashore Luxury Holiday Cottage Lizard Mullion Poldhu Cove Breathtaking Views Sea Views


The front of the living, dining and kitchen area has been removed and the balcony has been partially built. The glazed frontage that will extend from floor to ceiling and right across is here and will be put in within the next few days. Double doors will open onto the balcony.


By The Seashore by Nicola Parkman on 19/02/2013


The views from inside of the cottage are magnificent


By The Seashore by Nicola Parkman on 19/02/2013

and from the south facing balcony breathtaking. I have just taken delivery of a large teak table, four carver chairs and a steamer chair for this outside area. I know that many of you will enjoy a morning cup of coffee from here watching the sun rise or a glass of wine in the evening watching the sun set or even catching some sun throughout the day.

Although we are a little way off finishing the solid oak bedroom furniture is arriving tomorrow. The views from both the ground and first floor bedrooms are so beautiful but from the first floor bedroom without leaving your bed you will enjoy wondeful views of the cove.


By The Seashore by Nicola Parkman on 19/02/2013


I had a bed brought up from the house especially to test the view.

Many of you will be staying in the cottage this summer when  your bookings are being tansferred whilst Rest-a-Shore is having a glass front installed (and various other improvements) The cottage will be available towards the Autumn of this year for bookings as soon as Rest-a-Shore is completed. 

2014 bookings will be open and available on Cornish Cottages website later this week but you can telephone now to make a booking for next year. I understand from the agency that a few of you have already reserved some weeks.

Poppy and Blue are patiently waiting for me to take them for a walk so I am off now to Church Cove with them and my camera, the weather is so mild here today, the sun is shining with a beautiful blue sky, far too nice to be indoors.


Best wishes to you all.









Work Has Started on By The Seashore

The long awaited day when Ossie started back at Trewoon has arrived and straight away he has started on By The Seashore.

The tree in front of the cottage is being loped back or possibly removed tomorrow to provide room for a very large balcony at the front of the cottage.


Luxury holiday cottage with seaviews Pldhu, Mullion, Lizard, Cornwall


Nicola being Nicola cannot resist knocking down walls and has decided that the entire front of the cottage is being replaced with floor to ceiling glass and double doors opening up onto the balcony. The views are going to be amazing.

The kitchen has arrived, solid oak free standing units with black granite worktops, a stunning black double range cooker and black Smeg fridge/freezer. 

There is an oak island being custom built at the moment tgether a few other gorgeous pieces in oak.

The fittings for the en suite shower room have arrived and include a 1400mm walk in shower (big enough for two!!) . We are currently awaiting delivery of a large slipper bath for the upstairs en suite bathroom. It will be so nice soaking in this big bath after a day's walking on the coastal path.

On Christmas Eve we had some work done to the ancient pines in front of The Chocolate Box.



The two large branches that strecthed over the drive have been removed. The parking area is much bigger now and there is more light in the cottage.


Our exciting news is that our granson finally arrived on January 2nd. Here is Archie at half an hour old.



We hope that you all have had a good Christmas and New Year. Poppy and Blue certainly did.



I think that we will have to have some long walks to work off our Christmas excesses.

Warm wishes to all.


Seasons Greetings

Another Christmas draws very near, where has 2012 gone? 


2013 promises to be an interesting year for Trewoon, the offices have finally moved (HURRAY !!!) and we are ready to start the work on By The Seashore in January.


I have been busy planning the kitchen, bathroom and shower room. The kitchen will be similar to The Chocolate Box, freestanding solid oak units with black granite worktops, a black Smeg Fridge/Freezer and a stunning double range cooker in black.


I found a craftsman who is making me a custom built work island, it will be so nice preparing food on the island with views of the cove through two sets of french doors and views of the gardens through a third.


The cottage will be furnished courtesy of Laura Ashley and John Lewis as I am aiming for a very high specification.


I will keep you up to date with progress when the work actually starts.


Ray and I would like to take this opportunity to give a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for making 2012 Trewoon's most successful year ever.


We are aware that not every one has managed to secure a cottage for 2013 but the agency are taking bookings by telephone for 2014 and 2015. I know that 2014 is already filling up fast. Hopefully when By The Seashore is available we will be able to satisfy demand.


Poppy and Blue say hello to all their friends. David Sandell has completed the portrait of the Three Amigos and we are absolutely delighted with it. It brought a few tears seeing then all together again.

Poppy and Blue




May your Christmas be rich with family love, warm with friendship, happy with life's goodness and
blessed with the joys of the season.


Nicola, Ray, Poppy and Blue xxx


A Record Broken

The first of our daffodils flowered on Ocober 24th !!!! I thought that the first week of November last year was good. We still have a lot of the summer flowers in bloom, our Autumns certainly seem to be getting milder.

Let's hope that we are as successful with the rest of the bulbs that we planted, although Trewoon's family of badgers have dug up quite a few.


Early flowering daffodils in the gardens of Trewoon, Poldhu Cove, Mullion, Lizard, Cornwall home of luxury self catering holiday cottages with spectacular sea views and direct beach access and coastpath



As many of you are interested in photography I thought that I would share with you an article written by Phil Pook of A Way of Seeing.


With around one month to go before we are in Poldhu Cove, Cornwall. I am preparing my thoughts ideas and photographic kit. In recent years, the cove has become one of my favourite places to photograph Seascape and Coastal images. We will be there early/mid November staying very close to the Cove, some 50 meters from the beach, in “The Chocolate Box Cottage” (yes, that really is it’s name, and how!) on the Trewoon headland directly above the Cove where I can afford to wait for the light and when it looks good, wonder down through the gardens or roll the car down into the cove.

This year, I hope to be sharing some of my photographic skills with Nicola and John Wright at Trewoon in a workshop idea I am developing. It will be great to share my love of seascape and coastal photography with Nicola and John, both keen wildlife photographers, in turn it will be great to swap ideas and techniques regarding our love of capturing different aspects of the Cove.

I have been capturing images from around this coast for a few years now so I am thrilled that Nicola liked my images of around Poldhu Cove so much that she has hung LTD Prints Exhibitions in all the cottages she has there, if you have experienced the standard of finish Nicola sets within her holidaycottages, you will understand how thrilled I am.

So to capturing the cove. This year, I am planning to experiment further with dusk to just after sunset low light photography, as the cove is perfect for that sort of image. The Cove’s shallow gradient can leave the beach very wet and often it shines reflecting the large light canopy of skyover this very special place. This mixture of flat wet sand and beautiful colour coloured sky is only enhanced by the lack of haze or light pollution there, in the winter months this is especially the case.

Over the weeks and depending on the light, I will be using various Nikon lenses, very wide angle lenses for capturing images of the cove and it’s fabulous rocks, pools light and sky etc. I will be carrying both Macro lenses and lens magnifying filters for those shots of the glorious textures that are to be found in the rocks, sand & driftwood through to my largest lens at 400mm as there are often some great images of birds and other wildlife to be captured both around the cove and in fact,right outside the Chocolate Box Cottage doors set in the gardens of Trewoon.

I will also be trying out sets of strobes & gels in an attempt to highlight some of the rocks that make Poldhu Cove so interesting to photograph. I plan to be experimenting with longish exposure times mixing in strobes with the often beautiful ambient light that twilight brings to Poldhu. As I haven’t really produced images in this way before experimenting is indeed the word. I will of course,at times, be mixing more traditional filters, mostly graduated ND filters, to balance contrast and polarising filters that will, hopefully, help enhance the light and allow me to capture what it is I see.


Buggy by Nicola Parkman on 28/10/2012

You will be thinking by now…how on earth can you carry all this kit around a wet beach and access it. Well, I won’t be! As my mobility has been an increasing problem over the years it has deteriorated. I choose Poldhu Cove as it has great flat access and can be much easier to walk on than some. To help this year I have “Beach-cam-Buggy” a converted golf trolley which, it is hoped, will allow me to bring all the kit I would like onto the beach easily without carrying it and have my kit both accessible closeby and dry all the time I will be working. This contraption should allow me to sort and change filters without constantly walking back to my kit, which is usually lodged in rocks some distance away. Using the trolley, I should also be able to have lighting kit and stands etc etc with me where ever I wonder in the cove with relative ease…Will it work or will it sink? this space !


I do hope that you enjoyed this article as much as we did. Thank you Phil, we look forward to seeing you and John soon, safe journey.


Special Offers for Friends of Trewoon

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed this year and I was shocked to see that it was August that I last issued a newsletter.

We have been very busy at Trewoon and have enjoyed visits from long standing friends of Trewoon and making new friends too.

You have all made 2012 a very successfull year for us and The Chocolate Box continues to be Cornish Cottages most popular cottage with Rest-a-Shore just behind it.

As a thank you for your continuing support for a limited period we are pre-offering just for you a New Year stay at The Chocolate Box for £400 ( fee) and Christmas and New Year at Rest-a-Shore for £600 per week (inc. booking fee) . This offer will not be available to the general public until the middle of November.

We have a few odd weeks left for 2012 and are able to offer the week commencing December 7th on The Chocolate Box for £220 (inc. booking fee) and the weeks commencing November 23rd, 30th & December 14th for £300 (inc. booking fee) on Rest-a-Shore. This offer will become available to the general public on Wednesday.

If you are interested in these weeks just telephone Cornish Cottages on 01326 240315 and say "I am a friend of Trewoon". 




The first of three delivery of bulbs arrived in September and Ron, Ted and Robbie with some help from Blue and Poppy began planting over 15,500 bulbs.


Bulb planting at Trewoon, Poldhu Cove, Mullion


Already we have the first bulbs ready to flower


Early flowering bulbs at Trewoon, Poldhu Cove, Mullion


Last year the first daffodils were in full bloom the first week of November, are we going to break the record?

Several of you have seen me embroidering and working on the below project so I thought that I would show you it finished.



There are some fantastic photographs that have recently been added to the albums, well worth checking out.

We had a visit earlier in the year by David Sandell a fine portrait artist and he very kindly agreed to paint Poppy and Blue, of course we could not leave Millie out and David has worked from photographs of Millie.

Here is the initial sketch for the painting.


Millie, Poppy and Blue


It is wonderful to see the three of them together again. I will post a photograph of the painting when finished.

On a final note 2013 is already heavily booked and 2014 is filling up fast, I have asked Cornish Cottages to make sure that our regular visitors who come the same time each year are given priority but I would strongly recommend that you contact them to reserve your weeks.

Warm wishes from Ray, Nicola, Poppy and Blue  


Helicopter Rescue from Poldhu Cove



On Friday the 17 August 2012 in the early evening we spotted two surfers who appeared to be in a dangerous position close to the rocks, fairly far out and seemingly making no progress against the tide.

Apparently two members of a family, unknown to us, but regular visitors to Cornwall,  had got into difficulty in a rip tide. As it was well after 6 pm the lifeguards were not on duty.  Fortunately the Friday night surf club had finished only 30 minutes or so earlier (the surfers who got into difficulty were not members of club) so the beach cafe staff and club members were still on the beach and spotted the surfers being pushed onto the rocks below The Poldhu.

Without wetsuits Dan Joel and his co-tutors Dai went  into the sea with their boards and battled against the rip tide for 20 minutes or so to reach the one surfer who by then was close to "giving up".

The younger surfer by this time had managed to get out of the water then clambered up the rocks. 

In the meantime the LIzard lifeboat was launched and a RNAS Search and Rescue helicopter was called. After another 15 minutes or so and after great effort Dan and Dai managed to get the unconcious 20 stone surfer back on to the beach. The surfer had hypothermia, had swallowed a lot of water and was receiving medical attention when the helicopter landed on the beach.


Helicopter Rescue photographed from luxury holiday cottages at Poldhu Cove, Lizard, Cornwall by Nicola Parkman on 19/08/2012



After more medical attention the surfer was airlifted to Treliske Hospital in Truro. 

He was so lucky that Dan and Dai, two very brave and experienced surfers, were still on the beach and were prepared to enter the water.   


Important Booking information

Whilst writing if you are thinking of booking for Summer 2013 please note that we only have 3 weeks availability on the Chocolate Box between March 2013 and October 2013 and 8  weeks on Rest-a-Shore.


Chocolate Box - Only one week left available to book in 2012 & as noted above 2013 is also rapidly filling up. visit


Rest-a-Shore - There are only a few weeks left available in 2012. The high level of 2013 bookings are also shown at

Although 2014 is not shown on the web site will take reservations by telephone (01326 240315)

Warm wishes from all at Trewoon


Helicopter Rescue


Over 15,000 new bulbs now to be planted




Another host of golden daffodils?



Visitors to Trewoon in the November to April period already know of the present abundance of daffodils and other plants then flowering in the gardens.


To improve the display we are shortly taking delivery of 8,000 daffodil bulbs (of seven different varities) and over 7,000 Crocus and  Bluebell bulbs.


The planting of all of these bulbs in August / September 2012 is going to be quite a task - although hopefully the reward for that work will be visible at the end of 2012 and in the beginning of 2013!




The Bluebells are to be planted in all the dingles - Crocuses nearly everywhere - Daffodils mainly in a large swathe on the bank overlooking the Cove but also in many other areas.


We look forward to seeing you again at any time of the year - but from hereon December to March visitors will see a much more prominent flower display. 




Nicola & Ray (and Poppy & Blue)


Poldhu Cove Seascape Photography

Article by

Philip Pook


Why Poldhu Cove Why Cornwall?


Poldhu 4 by Philip Pook on 05/06/2012



We are returning to Poldhu Cove!


In November 2012 we return to Poldhu Cove, Cornwall, one of our favourite coastal photography locations. Its South, North and West coastal aspects are all easily accessible from The Chocolate Box Cottage at Trewoon, our base for the trip. We never tire of this area as it has ever-changing light and weather that make seascape photography here so appealing.


When Nicola at Trewoon hung examples of our work in her Lovely Cottages, we were thrilled. Nicola asked if we had anything to say about our work and the area, so we hope the following articles will explain why Poldhu is one of our favourite locations. We plan subsequent articles that explore our photography; what we do, what we use and how we go about shooting the Cove.


We tend to visit Cornwall in the cooler months as we find the light very appealing for our work; the clearer atmosphere at this time of year produces less haze and causes less light distortion. We also enjoy the earlier sunsets and later sunrises, making the ‘golden hour’ for photography that little bit more holiday friendly!


Where It All Began for me

In Philip Plisson’s stunning Photo Book - The Sea - Eliane Georges says “Perhaps our early childhood memories are like a camera shutter: once triggered, they imprint you with very strong sensations, which you will later try to rediscover.” This quote resonates with me, as it frames exactly how I feel about the oceans, water itself and why I revisit them constantly.


One of my earliest recollections…


I was around four years old, on the train to Blackpool (a coastal resort in the UK), when I experienced for the first time "that smell" that distinct, salty, cleansing scent of the sea.  The freshness of that smell as it seeped in through the windows of the train carriage was very different from the steam and grease smells of the trains, and this new and intriguing odour felt like the whisper of a friend encouraging me to “come this way… come and be with me”. That friend still whispers in my ear today - I still feel excitement when approaching the place where land meets water.

 Poldhu 2 by Philip Pook on 05/06/2012My experience was, perhaps, a common enough experience for a young boy on his first adventure to the seaside, yet recalling the experience today can still produce tears laced with emotion. I know I am not alone in my response to the ocean, and I have grown to think that perhaps there is a collective knowledge within us all that informs some innate sense that being at the water's edge is a good place to be?


 I remember, coming closer to the ocean, a growing feeling of anticipation. This feeling, unknown to me then, but revisited many times since, is one of approaching a favourite destination, or perhaps closer to the feeling that I am, in a way, coming home? Many have written of this or a similar experience as if something inside us remembers our collective past.


All life originated in the oceans.  All early civilisations developed exclusively near the sea and other sources of water. Whilst we have evolved to walk on terra firma, we still carry our own internal ocean within us – without water, our bodies are dust. The cells suspended within our blood and body are bathed in solution not unlike the organisms that float in our oceans. We simply can’t survive without water.



I often marvel at the fact that everything organic on our planet is made up of a large percentage of water, including our own bodies; as new-borns we are some 80% water.  Water and light are two of the main elements that support life on this planet, and instinctively inform my photography and especially my Seascapes. Water is my constant yet ever-changing subject, yet I cannot capture it without light.


Eliane Georges, in ‘The Sea’ by Philip Plisson, also said, “If the sea is the womb from which we came – given that life appeared there millions of years before creatures climbed onto dry land, and that the chemical structure of the blood of mammals is very similar to that of the Oceans, just like amniotic fluid – then it also represents our planet’s future. We live in the age of the sea.”


So there I was, a small boy, the taste of salt in the air and also - something else - a feeling that I was close to a large space, a feeling of openness of space, a place where I could breathe, really breathe. Coming from the city of Manchester, this was a brand-new feeling.


I didn't actually see the ocean until the next day, when we walked toward the vast openness. As the sea in this part of the country is behind a defence, proudly dressed as a Promenade, it is not visible  at first, hidden behind the sloping defence until, as the summit is reached, the vista is revealed in one rush of visual excitement.  This is where I first saw the endless blue-green of it all. The sparkling shards of light reflected off the moving swell, as far as I could see, the horizon melting into the pale blue sky which darkened in hue as I raised my eyes in awe.


Suddenly, I felt I had come home. I knew then that this young city boy had found his place. Yes, I could breathe here and all that was wrongly connected in my life seemed somehow corrected. All was as it should be.  I even wondered if I had been born by the sea? Or from this water?  Much later, I would learn this is was nearer the truth than I could have realised at the time.


From there on, I could often be found by, or on, the water, but more often in it! Moving to Bakewell in Derbyshire at six years old I discovered the River Wye and added another watery environment to my repertoire.  First the ocean, now a river.  Many days after school, I would return home soaked to the skin and, after a little tuition from the local boys, with a tickled trout in my pocket too! So water can feed us!


Poldhu 3 by Philip Pook on 05/06/2012


I suppose, at that young age, I was at the beginning of a learning curve that has been travelled by humans and our fellow creatures for millennia, the learning curve that leads us to water. After all, it is where we have found most of our food, whether that food resides in the water or comes to drink or to graze the fodder that grows with the waters help.


And now, I am back in Poldhu Cove, with my camera, experiencingwater through my photography more often these days, standing back and watching it more than that little boy who needed to be immersed in it as often as possible.


Having captured coastal images in many places over the years, I find the light in Poldhu Cove has a character all of its own. Around those golden hours in the morning and at dusk the light can be an intriguing mix of warm and cooler colours and as the coastal shelf into the cove has a shallow gradient, the beach can, at times, hold a layer of water that reflects the sky's canopy of light beautifully. This enables me to photograph in the cove later into the evening, even after sunset, as the wet beach acts as an extra source of light that helps to extend the amount of available light and help to balance the contrast of the scene.


In the next article, I will list the equipment we would use to capture these light qualities. As my photography has developed (if you will pardon the pun), I have learned more about exposure and light and now prefer to capture as much of the scene naturally, within the camera itself, relying on post-production editing only in order to tweak the finish.  Although I do sometimes produce images using many layers and effects, I prefer to make it obvious when I do this. 


 My most recent collection of images and Limited Edition Prints cover Poldhu Cove in Cornwall and also several “On The Water Front” exhibitions staged over the last few years, and it is a celebration of the ocean, its water, beauty, subtlety, power and fragility - and the qualities of light needed to capture this beauty with our cameras.


Whilst I enjoy being by the water's edge anywhere, the coast is my particular love, whether the ocean is lapping the coast gently with that soft hiss of water onto shale, or the curling caress of small waves, or especially when thundering onto a beach, bay or harbour.  I am lost in wonder at the forces driving those thousand white horses to crash onto the shores, the remnants of winds and storms from, sometimes, thousands of miles away finally throwing the last of their energy at our feet – the Moon’s effect from an even greater distance.


Poldhu 1 by Philip Pook on 05/06/2012



One last comment before we start.


Seascape photography can be a dangerous art. In my earlier photo trips to the coast, I have, on occasion, been close to being washed into the sea, tripod, camera and all. I have developed a respect for the sea and have learned that she is a fickle element, oblivious to our presence, unpredictable and, in a way, unknowable. Many sailors of experience have lost their wager with the sea.


If you are close to crashing sea waves, don't think it will do you any good to count the waves, or to measure just how far they are reaching today. You can do this for as long as you like, but there will always be that one wave that comes from  nowhere, higher, wider, faster, altogether different from those you’ve counted. Take care - this beautiful changeling will not notice you as she delivers the final surge of energy onto your little piece of the coast.  Oh, but how she lifts the spirit...


you can find our Poldhu cove on-line gallery at

Pick up the first of our Free Screensavers of the Poldhu Collection at

or email us at if you would like to know anymore about what we do!


A Perfect Day


Our son's wedding to Kate took place last Saturday and we had the most wonderful day,

I promised to posts some pictures of the wedding for those who are interested on my blog. Here is the link

Thank you to everyone for their well wishes for the day.


Stay and Play




Mullion Golf Club - Stay and Play by Nicola Parkman on 05/04/2012Following the success of our winter Stay & Play we are pleased to announce that we have negotiated a further Stay & Play offer with Mullion Golf Club for the summer season.



Guests staying at Trewoon will enjoy a 20% discount off green fees.



We are always happy to lend guests our trolleys and clubs if you are unable to bring your own.


The club house is only a short walk from Trewoon and non-members are always warmly welcomed. We would highly recommend the restaurant for breakfast, lunch and evening meals. The food, whether bar snacks, meals or the Sunday carvery, is excellent and the prices for food and the bar are reasonable.


A Rare Cornish Visitor


Hoopie Photographed in the Cornish seaside garden of the luxury holiday cottage - By The Seashore, Trewoon Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall by on 25/03/2012

photographed by

There was great excitment at Trewoon on Sunday when we had a Hoopoe in the garden.

The hoopoe is an exotic looking bird that is the size of a mistle thrush. It has a pinkish-brown body, striking black and white wings, a long black downcurved bill, and a long pinkish-brown crest which it raises when excited. It has overshot its migration from Africa to Italy and Spain. It is specially protected in Europe.

Hoopoe by Nicola Parkman on 30/03/2012photographed by

He or she spent the day feeding and resting and then moved on. We feel very lucky and honoured to have the opportunity to observe such a beautiful and rare bird for this country.

You never know what you are going to see at Poldhu Cove.

Our kindest regards to all.



Hooked on Fishing !!


Hooked on Fishing


I often get calls asking if I can recommend a fishing charter for your holiday and I am always pleased to say that I can - Blue Pointer . I know that many of you have aleady used Blue Pointer and have been very pleased with your day out but for anyone who has not done so it is well worth considering.


Dan & Penny have been running Blue Pointer for the last 5 years.

 BP 2 by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


Penny handles the bookings and paperwork, Dan takes care of the fishing, meaning you get a proper, organised and well planned trip out and a friendly and knowledgable skipper who is delighted to take you fishing for anything you like.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


They fish for everything from mackerel for the BBQ to sharks for the sport (ALL sharks are tagged and released unharmed). Whether you are very experienced or have never picked up a fishing rod in your life, you can rest assured that Dan will do his best for you. He very rarely fails to find the fish and even when the fishing is slow, the relaxed way Dan runs the boat makes for a top trip out.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012 

Fishing on the Blue Pointer is about a lot more than just catching fish.  

Dan has taken people snorkelling, photographing Tall Ships, wildlife watching, ashes scattering and just gentle cruising so if you’re not sure that fishing is your thing, you can charter the boat for whatever purpose you like and they often have groups who just fancy a mooch around, a coastal cruise and a picnic.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


The Blue Pointer is principally a fishing boat but Dan is quite house-proud and the boat  does not smell of fish so you can feel reassured that everyone in your group will enjoy a trip out, fishing or not. They have an area to sit if its too cold or hot for you. The children can have a drive (or even the adults!) and generally they have a very nice relaxed time. When you charter the boat to yourselves, you call the shots, Dan will do his best to make it perfect.

  Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


 Ray and I saw a very funny sign when out walking recently

"Here lives a grouchy old fisherman and the catch of his life"

It gave us a chuckle.

Warm wishes from all at Trewoon.



Dan Joel's Surf School One to One Lessons


Following this weekend's newsletter about Dan Joel's Surf School I have had two emails from our more "mature" visitors asking if Dan offers one to one sessions.

I have checked with Dan and yes he does offer tuition on a one to one basis for those who prefer a more individualised lesson as well as improver sessions for those who have grasped the basics and wish to take their surfing to the next level.


Dan 14 by Nicola Parkman on 13/02/2012


Dan Joel's Surf School


 Everyone's gone surfin', surfin' USA Poldhu Cove !!

In 2011 Dan Joel held a surf school at our own little cove throughout the summer season. It proved to be a great sucess and many of our visitors whether they were adults or children either learnt to surf or improved their surfing skills thanks to Dan.

Last year as word spread about the surf school the classes quickly filled up so I thought that I would let everyone know that Dan will be back this year with an extended season.

If you are interested in surf school then it would be worth contacting Dan before your holiday to make secure a place.

Dan is a very experienced surfer and here he is in action in Mexico. WOW !!

dan 12 by Nicola Parkman on 11/02/2012


Dan has written a short information sheet for you:-

 In 2011, after years of surfing professionally around the world, I decided to introduce my life’s passion, to newcomers by starting up my own surf school. I’m based at the beautiful National Trust beach of Poldhu (near Mullion, Cornwall) and I offer safe, relaxed and friendly surf tuition for adults and children alike at one of Cornwall’s most treasured beauty spots.

 dan 10 by Nicola Parkman on 11/02/2012

We had a great success rate last year with over 90% of clients standing and riding waves to the beach.  This year we are starting lessons in the Easter holidays and will be continuing until October. As long as you are reasonably confident in the water and are over 8 years old we can teach you to surf. There is no upper age limit and we also have experience of teaching disabled children and adults.


  • Lessons cost £25 for a 2 hour session (this includes wetsuit, surfboard and all necessary equipment)
  • We run a morning slot (10.30am) and an afternoon slot (2.00pm) and meet next to the Poldhu Beach Café.

 dan 2 by Nicola Parkman on 11/02/2012


Whether you’re after a great family day out, surfing lessons for your children, for your school, or as a group or corporate event, then rain or shine, Dan Joel Surf School can deliver.


dan 9 by Nicola Parkman on 11/02/2012

Surfing is an amazing experience which you will remember forever – all you have to do now is “give it a go!”


 dan 3 by Nicola Parkman on 11/02/2012

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please click on the “contact us” icon at  or give me a ring on 07974941575.



Fishing Nets and Gladiators

I was watching Amazing Grace last night on DVD and spotted Mullion Harbour. Our little harbour must be one of the most picturesque ‘storybook’ fishing harbours in Cornwall.

Fishermen at Mullion Harbour Seasode cottage seashore cottage beach cottage sea views by the sea cottage luxury cottages cornwall lizard

Once a busy Pilchard fishing harbour it has been preserved by the National Trust, and is a magical place to visit with its lobster pots, quaint cobbled slipway, and old picturesque net store that provide a timeless and precious tranquillity that is difficult to find.

Boats Mullion Harbour, Luxury holiday cottage, sea views, beach, seashore, cove, sea views, Lizard, Cornwall, Mullion seaside,

Brightly coloured fishing boats still support a small fishing community with fresh lobster and crab being landed on the quay. There is nothing quite like our fresh crab sandwiches for lunch.

With its  dramatic back drop of the high serpentine cliffs and tiny Mullion Island  it is no surprise that Mullion Cove and Harbour have featured in many historic TV and Film dramas over the years.


Mullion Cove seaside cottages, luxury holiday cottages, Mullion, Lizard, Cornwall. Sea Views

Mullion Cove by John Wright (my grateful thanks to John for allowing me to use his photography)

When you visit Cadgwith Cove you may recognise some of the locals and buildings as many appeared in Ladies in Lavender with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.  In 2004 for several weeks the cove was transformed into the 1940's.


Cadgwith Cove Lizard Cornwall seaside cottages luxury holiday cottages sea viewsCadgwith Cove by John Wright (my grateful thanks to John for allowing me to use his photography)


Rosamunde Pilcher was born in Cornwall and many of her novels were set in this area. Daphne Du Maurier lived for a short while at the head of Frenchman's Creek, the walk around the creek brings Du Maurier's famous novel alive.

The Shell Seekers, Nancherrow, Another View, Toby and Carousel all had scenes shot locally.

The 1949 Thief of Baghdad was set in Gunwalloe, the Island of Adventures was filmed in 1981 at Mullion Cove, The Return of Sherlock Homes in 1986 featured scenes filmed at Kynance and Cadgwith Cove. Vinnie Jones appeared at Porthleven filming Guns, Money and Home Cooking.


Church Cove Mullion Cove by John Wright (my grateful thanks to John for allowing me to use his photography)Church Cove by John Wright (my grateful thanks to John for allowing me to use his photography)


With Jenny Agutter, Rodney Bewes, Caroline Quentin, Roger Taylor, Pete Townsed and Tim Rice having homes here and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie staying in Helston this year you never know who you are going to snap in your holiday photographs.

For Mark and Susan who like a bit of trivia:-

" the nets for Gladiator starring Russell Crowe were made by a fishing net maker in Porthleven. who had a surpise visit by the film star".


We look forward to seeing you soon - Nicola and Ray


God gave us memories so we could have roses in December

Looking back over 2011 we have so many beautiful memories of times shared at Trewoon.

We have welcomed many old friends back to Trewoon and made new friends too. It is very heartening to see how many of you are returning for 2012 and that several weeks in 2013 and 2014 have already been booked. 

This year The Chocolate Box became Cornish Cottages best letting cottage ever breaking the previous record with  a solid run in excess of 52 weeks. Rest-a-Shore nearly made 52 weeks as well and fell short by only two weeks.

Ray and I want to thank each and every one of you for making 2011 such a successful year for Trewoon and for your continued custom.

2011 saw "" go live and we have been amazed by how many  internet "hits" we are receiving particularly on the photo albums. We thank everyone who has taken the time to share their holiday photos.

Nearly everyone who has stayed with us since the launch has become a Friend of Trewoon and stayed in contact with us throughout the year. The feedback we keep receiving means such a lot to us especially that you look upon Trewoon as your second home. 


Sun Rise Lizard Point Poldhu Cove Mullion Cornwall Holiday Cottage Sea Views by John Wright on 29/12/2011


Sunrise Lizard Point by John Wright



The sun is about to rise on 2012, the road to Trewoon is never long and we look forward to welcoming you back.




Seasons Greeting From Trewoon

We hope you all have a blessed and joyous Christmas, a happy Hanukkah or a wonderful Kwanzaa.  Whatever it is that you celebrate, may it be filled with love, laughter, and a bit of festive cheer.  


In the midst of winter we bring you a memory of Mullion.

Mullion Cove by Nicola Parkman on 19/12/2011

Mullion Cove by John Wright

John is a very gifted amateur photographer. There are more of John's photographs in his album on our web site.


Wishing you a very happy New Year, may it bring you gifts of joy, health and happiness. We look forward to welcoming you to Trewoon in 2012.