Ahead of schedule !!!!!




Installation by Nicola Parkman on 09/12/2013


Work has been motoring along on Rest-a-Shore due to kind weather and a hardworking team. The french doors were installed yesterday - yes they are working on Sundays !!! The light is pouring into the cottage and the view is AMAZING. So that you can appreciate the scale they are wider than By The Seashore by nearly half a metre.

I am so pleased we made the decision to make the living, dining and kitchen area open plan. I was surprised by how much floor space has been created by removing the hall, living room and kitchen internal walls. The new larger kitchen window which runs across the whole width of the kitchen is very attractive and lets much more light into rear of the cottage. The front bedroom window has also been widened.

You will be able to enjoy the view of the cove and valley even whilst preparing food at the kitchen island.

The new oak furniture arrives on Thursday together with the black double range cooker, retro fridge freezer, stainless steel hood, washing machine amd tumble drier. The oak and black granite kitchen is already here as are the reproduction cast iron radiators.

We are recreating the look of  By The Seashore. I am very grateful for the internet which has made ordering from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley so much easier. We are keeping the delivery men very busy as practically every accessory is being replaced too.

The stainless steel balustrading is being fitted next week to the extended patio which will run across the front of the cottage.

If all goes well and the good weather continues we should be finished before the end of January. I have already released the March weeks on Cornish Cottages website and expect to be able to release the February weeks too. If you are interested in reserving a February week before they are released email me and I will let Cornish Cottages know to contact you.

Warm wishes from Nicola, Ray, Poppy and Blue 







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