A Rare Cornish Visitor



Hoopie Photographed in the Cornish seaside garden of the luxury holiday cottage - By The Seashore, Trewoon Poldhu Cove Mullion Lizard Cornwall seasidecottagescornwall.co.uk by seasidecottagescornwall.co.uk on 25/03/2012

photographed by seasidecottagescornwall.co.uk

There was great excitment at Trewoon on Sunday when we had a Hoopoe in the garden.

The hoopoe is an exotic looking bird that is the size of a mistle thrush. It has a pinkish-brown body, striking black and white wings, a long black downcurved bill, and a long pinkish-brown crest which it raises when excited. It has overshot its migration from Africa to Italy and Spain. It is specially protected in Europe.

Hoopoe by Nicola Parkman on 30/03/2012photographed by seasidecottagescornwall.co.uk

He or she spent the day feeding and resting and then moved on. We feel very lucky and honoured to have the opportunity to observe such a beautiful and rare bird for this country.

You never know what you are going to see at Poldhu Cove.

Our kindest regards to all.


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