Helicopter Rescue from Poldhu Cove




On Friday the 17 August 2012 in the early evening we spotted two surfers who appeared to be in a dangerous position close to the rocks, fairly far out and seemingly making no progress against the tide.

Apparently two members of a family, unknown to us, but regular visitors to Cornwall,  had got into difficulty in a rip tide. As it was well after 6 pm the lifeguards were not on duty.  Fortunately the Friday night surf club had finished only 30 minutes or so earlier (the surfers who got into difficulty were not members of club) so the beach cafe staff and club members were still on the beach and spotted the surfers being pushed onto the rocks below The Poldhu.

Without wetsuits Dan Joel and his co-tutors Dai went  into the sea with their boards and battled against the rip tide for 20 minutes or so to reach the one surfer who by then was close to "giving up".

The younger surfer by this time had managed to get out of the water then clambered up the rocks. 

In the meantime the LIzard lifeboat was launched and a RNAS Search and Rescue helicopter was called. After another 15 minutes or so and after great effort Dan and Dai managed to get the unconcious 20 stone surfer back on to the beach. The surfer had hypothermia, had swallowed a lot of water and was receiving medical attention when the helicopter landed on the beach.


Helicopter Rescue photographed from luxury holiday cottages at Poldhu Cove, Lizard, Cornwall by Nicola Parkman on 19/08/2012



After more medical attention the surfer was airlifted to Treliske Hospital in Truro. 

He was so lucky that Dan and Dai, two very brave and experienced surfers, were still on the beach and were prepared to enter the water.   


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Helicopter Rescue

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