Hooked on Fishing !!



Hooked on Fishing


I often get calls asking if I can recommend a fishing charter for your holiday and I am always pleased to say that I can - Blue Pointer . I know that many of you have aleady used Blue Pointer and have been very pleased with your day out but for anyone who has not done so it is well worth considering.


Dan & Penny have been running Blue Pointer for the last 5 years.

 BP 2 by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


Penny handles the bookings and paperwork, Dan takes care of the fishing, meaning you get a proper, organised and well planned trip out and a friendly and knowledgable skipper who is delighted to take you fishing for anything you like.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


They fish for everything from mackerel for the BBQ to sharks for the sport (ALL sharks are tagged and released unharmed). Whether you are very experienced or have never picked up a fishing rod in your life, you can rest assured that Dan will do his best for you. He very rarely fails to find the fish and even when the fishing is slow, the relaxed way Dan runs the boat makes for a top trip out.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012 

Fishing on the Blue Pointer is about a lot more than just catching fish.  

Dan has taken people snorkelling, photographing Tall Ships, wildlife watching, ashes scattering and just gentle cruising so if you’re not sure that fishing is your thing, you can charter the boat for whatever purpose you like and they often have groups who just fancy a mooch around, a coastal cruise and a picnic.


Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


The Blue Pointer is principally a fishing boat but Dan is quite house-proud and the boat  does not smell of fish so you can feel reassured that everyone in your group will enjoy a trip out, fishing or not. They have an area to sit if its too cold or hot for you. The children can have a drive (or even the adults!) and generally they have a very nice relaxed time. When you charter the boat to yourselves, you call the shots, Dan will do his best to make it perfect.

  Blue Pointer by Nicola Parkman on 24/02/2012


 Ray and I saw a very funny sign when out walking recently

"Here lives a grouchy old fisherman and the catch of his life"

It gave us a chuckle.

Warm wishes from all at Trewoon.


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