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Jeanette & I are thrilled to be returning to our favourite coastal photography location again this June. Capturing the changing light and mood along the Cornish coastline has given us so much pleasure over the years, we just can't wait for this next visit. When Nicola blogged news of the new beautiful interiors of "By the Seashore" I was inspired to finish a new collection of images taken while staying at Trewoon. We then decided to publish this collection in a book, ebook and screen saver set, so that we could share it with people who have different devices. The images images in the book and print gallery are a selection of our favourites taken from several trips, I hope you enjoy viewing them and reading the article in the book. 


To Celebrate the books release we would love to share it with all of Nicola's readers free through it's first week of publication. You will find links for the eBook for Apple & ipad, PDF for Android & PC and a free screensaver at . Some of you may know that I have written an art photography learning tool for children which I present along with some free Workshops to 10 - 11 yr olds, I find working with the potential of children so rewarding, they really Buzz, they are an inspiration. If you would like to support our efforts in this please visit the website above and check out what we love and how we do it. We also have a facebook page at if you would like to help us raise awareness.

We so enjoy our photographic trips to Poldhu Cove. We find the light in the cove has such an inspiring mix of warm and cool tones & that it varies constantly in depth and vibrancy, giving endless changing moods to capture. The way the tide can sometimes rush and other times wander up the shallow shelf of the Cove offers an artist several locations in one. We have often sat up in The Chocolate Box Cottage watching the light roll in wondering whether to pick up the cameras and wonder down through the  gardens  to capture some aspect of the cove's wonderful light. This year we have added, new images to the collection, some black and white some colour and some from other locations we visited while staying at Poldhu Cove. Experimenting with lower light photography and longer exposures has widened our technique within seascape photography.


Poldhu Cove by Nicola Parkman on 24/05/2013

"Trewoon Twilight" one of my favourite prints was taken while working with Nicola in a short one to one workshop, I think the mood of the image grabs your attention it also, reminds me, of the rush back up the beach as we had decided to wait until after sunset, we needed to leave the beach before it became too dark. All great fun, creative with lungs filled with fresh coastal air & a camera full of images to work with. It is great to be able to share your love of creating images with others who appreciate the thrill of capturing something ethereal, it is a process that raises the spirits, it feeds the soul, while the uncertainty of what 
you really have in your camera only adds to mix. We also captured some great images like "Sea Tones" on a short workshop with John who was also a guest at Trewoon on our last visit, camera settings being our focus that evening. I really wanted to achieve an exposure that captures some of the movement of the tides front edge as it crept up the beach a step at a time while John wanted to practice with a much stronger stopping filter.


Poldhu Cove by Nicola Parkman on 24/05/2013


Great times that I could repeat over and over....thank you guys....What more can you ask as a photographer.

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