History of "Rest a Shore" - Another self catering holiday cottage at Poldhu Cove, Cornwall


A Mr Charles Hales had the main property, known as Trewoon, built in 1912. At that time one part of the seaward side of the main house was a walled garden. The walled garden was erected so that Charles wife, Clara, would have a sheltered spot to grow her favourite flowers.


A later owner of Trewoon, Leonard King,  obtained planning permission to build a self catering holiday cottage in part of that walled garden. From pictures we have seen it appears that Mr KIng built the cottage himself. He named the cottage "Poltesco". A series of pictures of the cottage is shown in an album that you can access here.


In 2012/3 we intend to thatch the property, erect a stone chimney, install french doors and bay windows and to completely change the internal layout. Even when sitting in the lounge of the restyled cottage you will be able to look down on to the beach and sea at Poldhu Cove.


We will post pictures of the refurbishment of the holiday cottage in a separate album in this website as the work progresses. To reflect the rebranding the self catering cottage has been renamed "Rest A Shore", Poldhu Cove, Lizard, Cornwall